Chitrashi Rawat

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Chitrashi Rawat was a state hockey player and an actress. When she was 17, she played as left striker in Hockey for Uttarakhand state. Her role of Komal Chautala in the movie Chak De India made her star in one night. Fashion and Luck was her movies after Chak De India. Now days she is in Mumbai doing movies and reality shows. Her upcoming movies are Don't Worry Be Happy, Yeh Dooriyan and Trance.

About you

I was born and brought up in Dehradun. I studied in one of the best school in Dehradun, Guru Nanak Academy. From childhood only I was active and strong. I have always been into sports and creative stuff. I was never a geek, though I always managed to score fairly good marks in exams. I come from a very simple middle class and cultured family but my family members are liberal. My mom dad and my brother completes my family. My brother is doing from ISI college, Bangalore. My father is a contractor and also into social services while my mom is a talented painter and a teacher. I love painting, photography ,travelling, adventurous sports. I am a big time music lover and a movie buff and like any other person even I dream to do good work and make my family happy.

Experience as a Hockey player

Oh! it was beautiful experience. I started playing hockey for my school when I was in class sixth. When I was in 8th grade I gave trial for Sport Authority of India at M.K.P. College, Dehradun and got selected as a day boarder. After that I kept representing my state nationally till I got CDI. I used to go for practices everyday to MKP college as SAI center was there. Though it was hectic but I enjoyed those days . I used to finish off with my school at around 1:30 pm & then would rush for the practices at 3:00 pm because rules of SAI were strict. I still cherish those days.

Journey and struggle

So far I have been lucky. It all started with my first movie Chak De India. While doing the movie I was totally unaware of the result. The only thing that kept me going was hockey, which is my passion. But the movie turned out to be the biggest blockbuster of the year and we all became stars overnight . People liked and appreciated my work in the movie. After that there was no looking back and good work followed.

Chak De India, first movie

Well it all happened by chance. It was pure luck that I got selected for Chak De India. I was in Jabalpur (M.P) for Hockey National tournament where Shimit Amin (Director of CDI) was looking for girls to cast in his movie. There were around 20-24 teams from each state. He auditioned many girls for the film before he came to the Uttrakhand team. The first thought that occured to me was that I am being auditioned for a telefilm, I was asked to do a small skit. But anyways I did it and I think they liked me because soon I received a call from Yashraj Films.

Share your experience of 'Chak De India' movie

It was magical. Shahrukh is an amazing person, so down to earth, so witty. I had a lovely time with him. He never made us feel like newcomers. Since I was the youngest he used to pamper me a lot. We often use to challenge each other as to who would score better. He plays hockey quite well. While shooting for Chak De India in Sydney all of us used to play football after the shoot. He took all of us for the premiere of Don in Melbourne and then we partied till 6 with him. That was very generous of him. He used to share his experience with us. In short it was a dream comes true to work with him.

Share your experience of 'Fashion' and 'Luck' movies

I had great time working in both the films. I learnt a lot. Apparently Fashion was my 3rd movie. While doing Fashion I realized I can actually act because I didn't know what I did in Chak De India and working with Madhur Bhandarkar brought me closer to realistic cinema. Priyanka Chopra was amazingly sweet to me. Such a lovely person I had a great time working with her.
Shooting for Luck was so much fun that I never wanted it to get over. All the cast and crew members were amazing. We shot whole movie in South Africa. Its a beautiful place I had a great time shooting. Inspite of being a hydrophobic I did all the underwater stunts myself after taking the scuba diving lessons. Swimming with some 30-40 sharks was definitely not easy. The director of the film, Soham Shah is superb and a gem of a person. I had a great rapport with Mithun da, Danny sir and Ravi Kishen. Imran, Shruti and I were of the same age and had a lot of fun together. All of us used to jam in the evening. It was so cool.

Scope of acting in Uttarakhand state

Well I won't say missing but I feel we are definitely improving at least on media side. But I feel there is a lot to be done in sports in Uttarakhand. Being a part of sport association in Dehradun I have seen a lot and been through a lot of difficulties. Uttarakhand has a lot of talented people all they need is a chance. I wish our Government does something good for sportsmen.

Family support

They are very supportive and happy with my success. They support me like anything. Fortunately my family and friends always have been very supportive, they are proud of me.

Reality shows

I did Comedy Circus and Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachaao for Sony. Both were very different from each other. Comedy is something that's not everyone's cup of tea, it is very difficult to make people laugh. I wasn't sure about doing standup comedy, the whole process was very exhausting but I did learn a lot from that show.
The other one, Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachaao was pure reality. We were under camera surveillance 24/7. It was a very difficult show, doing those task were not as easy as they looked. Being a vegetarian putting fishes, snakes, frogs, crabs etc. in my mouth was definitely not easy for me but it gave me a kick. I accepted that show because I love adventure, just loved the idea of staying in a jungle, always wanted to do that.

Achievements and commercials done

Well I have still got a lot to achieve. Its just the beginning but so far this is the work that I have done. Chak De India, Fashion, Luck. Comedy Circus and Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachaoo.
I have done an advertisement for Hyundai inverter and have also endorsed Pulpy orange juice. Though I have been offered a lot of brands to endorse but somehow it never materializes.

Upcoming movies

One is Don't Worry Be Happy which will release any time soon and now I am shooting for Yeh Dooriyan and Trance.
As per our contract I can't talk much about the film. Well about the star cast I am working with some good actors. Don't worry be happy is an out & out comedy film starring Vinay Pathak, Rajpal Yadav, Ranjay Mishra and Aswani Kalsekar.
In Yeh dooriyan I am working with Deepshika Nagpal and Delnaaz Paul and in Trance I will be seen with Mugdha Godse.

Words for aspirng actors

Hey guys if you are passionate enough about acting or anything then nothing can stop you. Keep the spirit going. I have learnt to be very positive about things and it really helps you get going. Guys get some nice pictures clicked, its not necessary to have a very expensive portfolio, just with a nice camera do an outdoor shoot, you will save a lot of money. Keep your pictures simple and nice. Distribute them in Production houses it will definitely help.

About us

Hey friends to be frank this is the first website I have come across which is all about our Uttrakhand and in which the state is shown so beautifully. Uttarakhand is home for all even to those who don't belong to the state because it's so fascinating after all its the 'land of Gods'. Varieties like music, dance, education, adventurous sports etc. Simplicity and authenticity of people will take your heart away, yummy cuisines, different cultures and so much more.
I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts with all the people of Uttarakhand as well as the whole world. I can see that a lot of hard work has been put in it. Wish you all the best and may God be with you always.

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