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Karan Sharma hails from Almora. He was a Radio Jockey and now a well known Indian Television Actor, He has worked in serials such as Crime Patrol, Savadhaan India, Kyunki Jeena Isi Ka Naam hai, etc. His debut film as main lead is Rajula which is based on the famous folk tale of Uttarakhand, Rajula-Malushahi. According to Karan, film Rajula not just shows you the epic saga of love rather it has layers of journey of Rajula. It shows the inner strength of woman then and now.

About you

I was not a born actor even I didn't have any plan to go with this profession. What I am now is only because of my parents, my brother, sister, friends and relatives who supports me everytime.
In my childhood I was scared of going to stage. There is one moment which I would like to share with you all. That time I was just 8 years old. In a function one of my uncle invited me on the stage to rhyme a poem for everyone presented there but the result was unexpected. I became nervous and started crying. That was the very embarrassing moment of my life which I can never forget.
I did my graduation from Delhi University in Commerce but from there I jumped towards performing arts. I used to bunk my classes to perform on theatre. By that time I started enjoying all forms of expressions be that singing, painting or writing.

Days spent in Uttarakhand state.

I feel proud to be a Pahadi. In my childhood every year during summer vacations I used to go to my beautiful place Almora usually with my father. It is like a dream come true for me to represent Uttarakhand in any manner through the movie RAJULA. I was always fascinated with the folk songs of Uttarakhand.

Journey of your acting career.

Acting became my passion when I was in college but I strictly involved in theatre activities like performing arts, music and writing. I didn't have any plans for TV or Movies. After sometime I got a job in All India Radio as radio jockey in FM Gold channel. I also learned music from Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya.
With the flow of life and experiences I started acting in television shows accidently.
I said it accidently because when I was in Delhi one of my friend suggested me to give the audition for a TV show called Kyunki Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai. There I got selected for the main character called Imraan. It was like a life changing show for me after which I shifted to Mumbai, a dream place where any aspiring actor would like to go.

How you got chance to work in Rajula?

I have already done an Indo-Russian movie (One More) based on ice-hockey which was directed by the National award winner Shivaji Chandrabhushan. One day I got a call from the Producer of the film who was looking for someone from Uttarakhand that too with Theatre background. He first saw me in an official promo of One More (my first film) in You Tube and since then he was quite impressed with my work, That is how I got selected for the role of Ravi and Malushai.

About Rajula

The movie is releasing on 18th October. I was totally unaware of the folk tale of Rajula Malushai till I read the script of the movie. After reading it I was totally amazed with the characters Rajula and Malushai.
Most of us might not be knowing that its a 15th Century's eternal love story of Uttarakhand in which Rajula is a female character and Malushai is a male character. At present this folk tale is used to be sung by different folk singers of Uttarakhand in all happy occasions like marriages, childbirth, festivals etc.

Overall experience during Rajula

It was really a pleasure working with such a hardworking and supportive team. We covered all beautiful places of Uttarakhand like Almora, Pithoragarh, Munsyari, Vijaypur, Chaukutiya, Bageshwar, Jageshwar etc in 27 days schedule. We all used to sleep for only 5 hrs a day due to the tight schedule and climate also was not very much favourable.
We have shooted in real locations like Katyuri Temple, Munsyari Museum etc. Finally the shoot was totally adventurous and the beauty of Uttarakhand was mesmerized.

Your next step of career?

Looking to get good movies like Rajula

How your friends and family feels about it?

They still supporting me, promoting me and provoking me to do good work in cinema.
We all know that we have talents, we have wide culture itself in Uttarakhand state but we also have hiding approach. Its time to come out and explore. I am lucky that everyone supported me.

Words for viewers of this website.

Do visit this website I found it very useful and wonderful. All Uttarakhand people must know about their culture first then only we can tell others and they will appreciate. The website aboutUttarakhand is a great initiative taken in this direction.

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