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September 17, 2009 | Post By: Vinay Dobhal | Editor: Pankhurie Mulasi

Bela Negi, an F.T.I.I pass out, is coming up with a Hindi film titled 'Daayen Ya Baayen'. A native of the Lake District of India, Nanital, she runs a production house Nitric Films with her husband Shubho, where they make commercials and corporate films.

It was really nice of Bela to have given us her valuable time for this telephonic conversation.

About you

I was born and brought up in Nainital. My Family is in Nainital. I completed my schooling from Sherwood College, Nainital and then did college from Delhi University. Later I joined FTII (Film and Television Institute of India, Pune) and after the completion of my course I moved to Mumbai.

About the movie 'Daayen ya Baayen'

My film 'Daayen Ya Baayen' is based in a small village of Uttarakhand. The story is about a man in the village winning a car in a chance entry into a television contest and its comic repercussions. The protagonist is played by the Filmfare award winner Deepak Dobriyal.

We have shot the film in the villages of Chaukori, Bageshwar, Munshiari, and others. The film has all the spices namely comedy, action, drama and some truly splendid locations. The music has been composed by Vivek Philip and one of the songs has been sung by Zubeen Garg who has 'Ya Ali' to his credit.

Star cast

As far as main cast is concerned Deepak Dobriyal, Badrul Islam, Manav Kaul, were the actors from Mumbai. Girda, Pratyush, Jitendra Bisht, Dilawar, were some of the actors from Nainital. Bharti Bhatt who has acted in many Garhwali movies plays the protagonist's wife.

The majority of the cast, infact I would say 95% belongs to Uttarakhand. The interesting thing to note is that many of them faced the camera for the first time! There are a few who are associated with theatre. Technicians and the entire support system were brought from Bombay.

Actor Deepak Dobriyal in lead role.

Other than being a brilliant actor, he is a native of Uttarakhand. As I told you the film is all about Uttarakhand. So I preferred actors from this state so that I could give a more authentic look to the movie. With the availability of such talented actors from our very own state I did not want actors from Mumbai pretending as Paharis!

This will be his first film in a lead role and he has done a remarkable job.

Work of co-stars and crew members.

Yes, their work was amazing. As I said earlier many of them faced the camera for the first time. But people who have seen this film have really appreciated their work. They all did a tremendous job, especially the school kids. Imagine! We did not have any workshops. We directly went to the location and shot the scenes with these kids. Till now people around have been really supportive of our work. Letís see how it goes down with the audience!

Shooting experience of 'Daayen ya Baayen' in hills

Although, it was a difficult task for the entire crew, they never complained. Not only the natives, even the technicians who came from Mumbai adjusted with whatever arrangements we could manage. Those who were not used to even half a kilometre walk went on for at least 5-6 kms every day for shoots! There were these Light boys from Delhi carrying heavy equipments on such a hilly terrain. Everybody did his/her work with utmost dedication. Each one of them fully cooperated and did their best.

Despite the lack of proper rooms, the actors used to patiently wait for their scenes. After completing the film we had to go back for dubbing. There were no studios available for dubbing so we had our own makeshift arrangements. All in all, it was physically a very exhausting process but thanks to the crew, we succeeded!

Uttarakhand, location for shooting films

The whole purpose of shooting this movie in Uttarakhand was to show the real picture. This movie is all about Uttarakhand. I can't even imagine any place other than Uttarakhand where I could make this movie. We have tried to capture the real essence of this wonderful place and it all looks very good on screen. Those who watch this movie will be really impressed by the authenticity.

When can we expect this movie?

Very soon. Infact, in the next few months. Unfortunately I will not be able to give you the exact dates.

About people living in Uttarakhand

People of Uttarakhand have a lot of potential. However, I feel that the people of this amazing state somehow lack self confidence. The talent remains totally unexplored. All of us in some or the other way should try to bring this out.

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