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Gajendra Singh Rana was born in Delhi but his village is Gend which comes under Nagri region of Chamba, Tehri District. He studied till fourth standard in a village school. That time his father was posted in Dalmia, Delhi. So they called him there and then he did rest of his schooling from Senior Sec. School, Malviyanagar and Graduation from Aurobindo College, Delhi. He stayed in Delhi for 21 years and now he is settled in Dehradun.

About you

I was born in Delhi but my village is Gend which comes under Nagri region of Chamba, Tehri District. I studied till fourth standard in a village school. That time my father was posted in Dalmia, Delhi. So they called me there and I did rest of my schooling from Senior Sec. School, Malviyanagar and Graduation from Aurobindo College, Delhi. I stayed in Delhi for 21 years and now I am settled in Dehradun.

We are five brothers and sisters. Eldest one is brother who works in Modi. After him there are three sisters, all well settled with their families. I am the youngest child of the family. I got married in the year 2005. My wife Beena is a housewife and we got blessed with a girl child 4 years back. My daughter's name is Shivangi. Even though I passed maximum time in Delhi but still I am so much attached to Uttarakhand. During vacations I use to visit my village as my mother was living there. In school I was a regular participant in school's skits and dramas. My friends use to enjoy it and they told me that I must try in music. So in true sense they are the ones who encouraged me to continue with singing. My parents and family members too were always supportive.


I started singing as a professional singer in the year 1998. My very first album was Meru Gaun Ku Baatu after which Teri Dwi Aankhyun Maa, Yaad Teru Goun Ki and one more music album came in the market.

Although my first music album didn't do well in the market but gave hope to the Music Companies about my credibility and talent. This way I started getting new assignment and haven't stopped since.


My childhood time was not so easy and joyful. I was in class 4th when I left my mother and came to Delhi to stay with my father and elder brother. That time we were living in a rented house. My father was/is working in Dalmia. In his absence we both brothers use to take care of the house. We use to cook for ourselves, used to shop for vegetables and other household items.

I was not so good in studies and was bit confused about my future. It's all due to blessings of God that I got Music line but struggle was waiting for me there also.

When I started with my music career my first 4 music albums although were liked by people but unfortunately didn't do well in the market. I got nothing from those albums except failure. At that moment of time I was so depressed and hopeless that I thought of leaving Music Industry. But God was planning something great for me. So I gave my last try in VHR, one company owned by Dangwal ji. Finally that last try came as a supper hit, Leela Ghasyari!

After Leela Ghasyari my other albums like Raani Ghursyaani, Sushma and Maalu came which made my position strong in this field. Few days later I got proposal directly from T-Series Company to sing for them and till now I am singing for that Company only.

Still my mother stays in village and takes care of our house and fields. I have shifted to Clementon, Dehradun where I live with my wife and daughter.

Super hits albums

My super hits albums are Leela Ghasyari, Raani Ghursyaani, Sushma, Maalu, Pushpa, Raajmati. After this came another super hit, Hima Marchwan of which one song Babli Tero Mobile was very much liked by young generation.

Another hits were Gabru Dida, Furki Baand, Baand Bhanumati and Chakna Baand.

Music albums

I have been honoured lot many times during events organised by Private Organisations and Groups but never been honoured by our State Government. It is sad that our State Government never organise such events where folk singers or regional movies are awarded.

Improvement in Uttarakhand Music

I am the person who believes in experimenting and doing things in a different ways. I have my own thinking which may differ from other experienced singers. Stop me where I am wrong but fashion has already come in entire Uttarakhand. We are attempting to change our pattern to produce our folk in a new and fresh way. At the same time, we do care of such things which shouldn't defame our culture and tradition.

Today people are accepting and welcoming this kind of change. There was a time when in marriages only Hindi and Punjabi songs were in demand while dance. Today fast beat Uttarakhandi music has taken its place and you can see most Uttarakhandi's living abroad do celebrate in these tones.

Government support

Yes we do get big support from people in and outside India but we never get such support from Government. Uttarakhand has its vast culture but Government is not taking serious steps to preserve it. Our folk artists are not getting praised or awarded. Today when singers from other States come here to perform they are paid well. But for our performance we are not even paid 10% of that amount. We as a folk artist are not getting any facilities or benefits from the Government. If we people are surviving, we are surviving because of our own hard work.

Upcoming albums

My upcoming album is Chori 420 from T-series. Audio is complete and for video we are here in Gopeshwar, I along with T-Series team consisting of 35 members. Weather here is so unpredictable which is effecting our shooting as well. There is heavy rainfall and huge landslide everywhere.

Sh. Sanjay Kumola ji has given music. It has fast beat numbers for young generation and devotional songs as well keeping in mind our old generation. That is why we have come to shoot those devotional songs here. So overall this music album has all types of songs.

My other upcoming music album is Lalita Cho Chum by Vinod Jethuri in which I have sung one song. Other singers of the album are Meena Rana, Geeta Chandola and Arjun Rawat.

Words for fans

Yes. Till now I have been to many places and have met many people. I would like to thank all of them for their love and support.

Through this Interview I also want to convey my little message to those people whom I have never met. And that message is though I have not visited your places, never seen your faces but still there remains a place in my heart for you.

People through my videos might be thinking that Gajendra Rana appears to be modern, always seen in style in his music videos but the truth is I am too simple person. Very much attached with my land and the people. Although I was born in Delhi but I have spent my initial time of childhood in village only. We were farmers and still we do farming in our village.

Words for aspirng singers

Any one who is planning to be a part of Uttarakhandi Music Industry is most welcome. Due to so many companies which came into existence few years back, launching an audio album has become so easy. Your hard work will always be praised here but the very important thing over here is to get a right person. Beware of the brokers which you will meet.

Today when a person goes for recording that person often gets misguided by these brokers. So get in touch with a genuine person. Keep your patience. First understand the entire system, see what is happening then only pay for it. Once you have paid then do your work with sincerity.

About us

Continue with your efforts to preserve our culture. I wish you all a good luck.

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