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Mukesh Thakur did his schooling from Brightlands and Guru Nanak Academy School in Dehradun. Brought up in a middle class family, he is the 2nd child among 4 brothers and sisters. He did Graduation in Science with Mathematics in 1999. Right now he works as an officer in Dena Bank, Balbir Road branch, Dehradun.

About you

I have done my schooling from Brightlands and Guru Nanak Academy in Dehradun. Brought up in a middle class family, I am 2nd among 4 brothers and sisters. I did my Graduation in Science with Mathematics in 1999.


Well, I started Bodybuilding in 1997 under the coaching of Sri K. N. Sharma at Body Temple Gym, Raipur, Dehradun. This game is really challenging, every day is a new challenge. You have to fight yourself, be very patient and determined because results are really slow. For competitive bodybuilding you got to train under experienced trainer, for this I am really lucky to have Guru like Shri K. N. Sharma. He guided me like his son and motivated me to become a champion bodybuilder.


I won't say it was as easy as when I started bodybuilding I was doubtful of success. I told you before in this sport the results are too slow but time slowly cleared everything and my hard work started paying. The situation becomes very tough when you give 100% and lose a competition, that crucial period deviates you from your goal. By the help of my coach Mr. K. N. Sharma I keep control over myself and overcome every hurdle which comes on my way.

How this sport has changed your life

This sport has taught me to be patient and determined in life. It has given me all that I wished for. By this game only I got job in Dena Bank. Right now I am working as an officer in Dena Bank, Balbir Road branch, Dehradun. I am also running a fitness club by the name Equinox at 15/2, Subhash Road, Dehradun. By the help of my club I am trying to serve the society and guiding the young generation towards better health and fitness.
I am quiet satisfied with what I got for what I gave to bodybuilding. My best is yet to come and for that I am really preparing hard this year.


Till now I have won Mr. D.A.V. - 1998, 1999, 2000 (Gold Medal), Mr. Garhwal University - 1998, 1999, 2000 (Gold Medal), Mr. All India Inter University - 2001 (Gold Medal), Mr. Uttarakhand 1999, 2000, 2001 (Gold Medal), Mr. U.P. - 1999, 2000 (Gold Medal), Mr. Northern India - 2001, 2002 (Gold Medal), Federation Cup - 2006, 2007 (Gold Medal), Mr. India - 2004, 2005, 2006, (Gold Medal), Mr. Asia - 2007 (Silver Medal) and Mr. World - 2009 (Sixth Rank) and besides all this I feel lucky that I have fans from round the world who appreciate me and my work.

Family and society

Everyone feels proud of me. I am thankful to God to give me such lovely parents who have always supported me. Without their support I would be nowhere. It seems great when my friends treat me special. Daily I get so many friend requests and I think that's what everyone dream for.

Opportunity in Uttarakhand state

What I personally think is we lack sponsors here who can organize such events. Bodybuilding is one of the expensive games; if the players get a boost and sponsorship in initial stage of their career then we can improve the level of bodybuilders and the level of game as well.

Diet habits

What we are today, how we look? all depends on what we eat. In other words your diet habit counts a lot. Since beginning I am very conscious about my diet and that's why my diet is based on protein and carbs. I don't take fats in my food. For protein I consume 30 eggs and 1 kg chicken daily plus protein supplements as well. For cargs we take chapattis, rice, breads cereals, oatmeal etc.

For society

After being an established sportsman I would like to do lot for those people who dream but can't afford. I will organize good competitions and give good cash to the players, provide them a platform to give their best.

Words for aspiring sports person

First of all select a good gym and blindly follow your coach because he is the only person who knows what you are doing and what you will get from that. Kindly bear this in mind that there are no short cuts in bodybuilding. So be ready for the hard work and challenges. If you have it in you then no one can stop you.
Be patient, determined, dedicated and devoted towards your sport. Trust yourself and your coach and just wait for success to come.

About us is really a great site. Rather I would say it's an encyclopedia of Uttarakhand. You have a question about Uttarakhand and you find the answer over here. Congratulations to you and your team. Just keep it up. You are doing great for the society.

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