Grades and their meaning

GradeIts Meaning
1Grade 1 trekking consists of low altitude excursion, with or without trekking. Thus it’s appropriate for any person with good health.
2Grade 2 trekking consists of those trekking which are below 5,250 mts. height and takes upto six hours a day. Little bit of trekking experience required, though not essential.
3Grade 3 trekking consists of those trekking in which routes goes above 5,250 mts. So it requires a greater physical activity. In this grade of trekking previous trekking experience is preferred.
4Grade 4 trekking consists of those trekking which needs good physical condition and basic mountaineering skills. It is essential for this.
5Grade 5 trekking consists of those trekking in which high grade physical condition and advanced mountaineering experience is required. So if you are new to trekking then better start with grade 1 trekking and tune your body first.

Things to carry (recommended)

Sr. NoItem
1Anti Mosquito repellent
2Boroline / Chap Stick
3Camera with Extra Rolls / Digital Camera / Handicam
4Extra battery of camera
5Mobile Phone with sufficient balance
6Mobile charger / Power Bank
7Cotton Shirts / T-Shirts
8Cotton Socks
9Full & Half Sleeve Sweater
10Hand Towel
11Light Rain Coat / Umbrella
13Personal Medication
16Some chocolates, dry fruit etc.
17Suntan Lotion
18Tents (if required)
19Toilet Kit
20Torch with extra cells
21Water bottle
22Water Purifying Tablets
23Windcheater Jackets as per requirement
24Woolens as per requirement
25Local contacts numbers used in emergency