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July 07, 2010 | Post By: Vinay Dobhal | Editor: Pankhurie Mulasi

About you

I was born and brought up in Uttarakhand. After schooling I did O and A levels from DOEACC, Noida. My parents are settled in Khatima, a small town in Udham Singh Nagar. My dad has a nursing home and he is a Pediatrician by profession. My mother is an M.Sc. and a homemaker. I have one elder sister who has acted in shows such as Dahej, Bhabhi, Annu Ki Ho Gayi Wah Bhai Wah and currently working for the serial Sabki Ladli Bebo. I also have a younger brother who is pursuing B.Tech. from COER, Roorkie.

Journey of your modeling career

Journey so far has been beautiful. It started when I was studying computers in ERNDCI, Noida. A friend of mine took notice of my talent and asked me to get some pictures clicked. I did exactly the same and since then I have never looked back. My very first assignment was with the ace photographer of India, Mr. Prabhudhho Das Gupta for Goodyear Tyres. It was a print campaign, followed by many more assignments. I considered myself lucky to have bagged it at an early phase of my modeling career. I also did walk ramp for many designers in Delhi in the beginning, but somehow it didn't interest me much. Advertising was something that gave me a kick. Soon after I saw an ad on TV for Zee India's Best Cinestar Ki Khoj, Delhi auditions were on. I made up my mind to take part in it. And yes I won it. They declared four winners, out of 15,000 participants. We were then brought down to Mumbai for the finals.

I was in the top four girls in the finale from my group. After that I moved to Mumbai, and started acting in T.V. commercials. Again I was very lucky to have got my very first T.V commercial with the adman Prasoon Pandey. The ad was for Seagrams Imperial Blue, tag line 'men will be men'. Thereafter I shot for almost 30 T.V. commercials for all leading brands.

How modeling has changed your life

I love traveling, meeting new people, new challenges, shopping, partying, and socializing. It gave me all of that, and besides, I even get paid well for it. Could not have asked for more.


If we talk about the achievements, I was the Winner of India's best - Cinestar Ki Khoj, Delhi. Till now I have done around 30 TV Commercials and numerous prints.

Reaction of your friends and family

They are extremely happy about it and pray for my success and well being every single day.

Modeling opportunity in Uttarakhand

Exposure to new talents. At present few contests like Mr. Uttarakhand and Ms. Uttarakhand are held. We should have acting and dance contests as well and academies should hone the skills. Our government should provide aid for shootings so that filmmakers take more interest in shooting locations etc.

Beauty secret

Well nothing as such but I eat a very healthy diet. Nothing like 'ghar ka khana' (home food). A good heavy breakfast having bread, omlette, a glass of milk, lunch having 2 Chapatis and a Sabji/Dal Rajma/Chawal, with lots of salad. I can't do without 'radish' in my salad. A cup of tea in the evening with some cookies. Very light dinner at night, a cup of milk at bedtime. I miss 'dupke bhaat', 'churkani bhaat' and all those yummy Pahari dishes my mom cooks. Nothing like our Pahari food. I do hog on Burgers, Pizzas, Hotdogs, Pastas, Brownies, Pastries etc. But I make sure to burn the calories.

Future plans

I have turned down many films in the past 2 years. Waiting for the right kind of script preferably a romantic comedy for my debut film. Fingers crossed. Have done a music video before for Tips. Shot another one for 'eros'. Shall release in march.

Words for aspiring models

What I will say is follow your instincts. Come down to Bombay if you want to make it big. This is the city to fulfill all your dreams. Get a portfolio done and get started.

Few words for our readers

I request all the viewers to come and explore this land of Gods. Its beauty lies in its authenticity. You would be amazed to see such untouched locales, such simple people, you will be swept off your feet by their hospitality in Uttarakhand. Its scenic beauty is beyond description. Come get a taste of Uttarakhand.


About Uttarakhand is a great attempt to bring us all together. It tells us everything about Uttarakhand. It also brings forward the best of Uttarakhand for the viewers. Let us all Paharis make Uttarakhand proud by sharing our views notions and achievements on this website.

Music video

Released with Tips for a Pakistani singer, Ahmed Ahanzeb.
Music video with EROS, marking the debut of Sumeet Tapoo, album name 'Nostalgia'

T.V. commercials done

  • Idea Women's Card, most popular one, wherein I say- 'Dad can you please pick me up'. Production House-Chrome Pics, Director-'Amit'.
  • Imperial Blue. Production House-Corcoise Films, Director- Prasoon Pandey
  • Yamaha G5. Production House-Mad Films, Director- Marco
  • Sprite. Production House- Yusuf Khan, Director- David
  • Sunsilk-Gang of girls. Production House-Corcoise Films, Director-Prashant
  • Emami fair n teen. Production House- Robert. J, Director- Jhonny
  • Shiff soap. Production House-Chrome Pics, Director- Amit
  • Kalyan Silks (very big campaign for entire south market). Production House-FCB Ulka, Director- Subodh Poddar
  • Big Bazar. Director- Pradeep Sarkar
  • Walls ice cream(Pakistan). Production House- Procam Films, Director- Lalit
  • Hero Honda (glamour with Yuvraj Singh). Production House- Foot Candles
  • Filmfare (comin up(first ever ad)). Production House- Ravi Deshpandey

T.V. commercials done back to back in a span of 7 months.

  • Hair n Care, Filmfarm
  • Disney. Production House- Whodunit, Director- Sujay
  • Ujala (comin up). Production House-Trends Films, Director-VKP
  • Hero Honda Splendour NXG. Production House– Dungarpur Films
  • ICICI Vishwas
  • Chennai silks (down south)
  • Secret Garden talcum powder
  • Dreamz Candy (for pakistan). Production House- Carvin Films, Director- Roop

Print Ads

Himalaya Anti Wrinkle Cream, Central Mall (Campaign Released), Reliance (Released), Maggi Vendin Machines (Releasing Soon), Venus Soap (Released), UTV - Bindas (Hoardings in Bombay), Big Bazaar (Released), Bacardi Blast, Microsoft, Unitech Builders, Kinetic Nova, H.P. Power, Taruni Sarees (Hoardings for Hyderabad), R.M.K.V. Sarees (Hoardings for Chennai), Kingfisher Academy (Releasing Soon).

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