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December 13, 2009 | Post By: Vinay Dobhal | Editor: Pankhurie Mulasi

Lalit Parimoo is fair skinned and weighs 74 kgs. on foot and his height is 5 ft. 9 inches. He can speak and write Hindi, English and Kashmiri and has a fair understanding of Urdu Language. Till now he has worked in more than 100 TV serials. Maila Anchal, Tumhare Liye, Abhi Nahin, Faasle, Kalakar, Misaal, Lakshya, Gaatha, Shaktimaan, Noorjahan, Tajasvini, Intequam, Sparsh Ek Ahsas, Intezaar Aur Sahi are some of his serials where his work has been highly appreciated.

About you and your family.

To start with, I am from Jammu. I am single and stay with my parents and a younger brother. I did my schooling in Kashmir and Graduation from Ramjas College, Delhi University. I was very much interested in dramatics since childhood.

Just now you told that since your school days you were very much interested in acting. Tell us about your journey from a school boy to an established actor?

Films have had a strong influence on me right from the beginning. When a person steps into adolescence, too many things are on his/her mind. Being from a middle class family everyone from my family expected that I would be a doctor or an engineer but these professions never fascinated me.

When I gave a serious thought about acting and realised that I can do well in this field, I decided I must go for it so I started with theatre in Delhi.

As the time progressed this interest became a passion for me. I learnt a lot from theatre and plays. I started acting at a very early age of 18 and started earning from it at the age of 22.

But we have seen you in lot many serials.

Yes, I had a long innings with Theatre. With the advent of the 'Electronic Media', I realized this was something that was here to stay for long. So I started working in serials and radio shows. I stayed in Delhi for 10 years and then finally moved to Mumbai in 1992. Till now I have worked in more than 100 serials.

Lalit ji, we would like to know something about your struggle when you came into this profession?.

Struggle is something of great significance. Each one of us has to struggle in some or the other way to survive in this harsh world. I would say life is incomplete without struggle.

Most of those who arrive to become actors are carried away by the glitz and fame of the showbiz industry. But it's not all that easy to achieve. Believe me it takes lots of effort and time to speak out even a few lines in front of the camera. One tends to commit lots of mistakes but over a period of time one slowly starts grasping the skills of this art.

At the same time one needs to have lots of confidence and courage. It's all about selling yourself as a brand. You need to be after the people for opportunities. Once you finish an assignment you start thinking about the next one. And that is how the struggle starts again!

You must have come across several stories about successful actors who have spent nights at the railway stations or footpaths. Let me tell you almost all of us have seen such days. But that is how you learn and progress in life.

Which was your first play in theatre, your first serial and the first movie?

My first play was "The Expansion And The Rule'. I started my TV career with a serial based on Police Files. The first film I did was "Hum Tumpe Marte Hein' starring Govinda in lead role.

You have been in this profession for almost 22-23 years. Please share with us one of the unforgettable moments you had in your acting profession.

There have been several such unforgettable moments, but this is one such episode I would like to tell you about.

This was in year 1991, when we were shooting in Haridwar for a serial 'Hazaar Ghodoun Ka Sanwar'. This serial was based on a Rajasthani folklore written by Yadvendra Chandra Sharma. I was playing the character of a Low Caste villager who raises his voice against the discrimination done by the upper class villagers. He is quite distressed with the state of affairs and becomes an ascetic.

One of the scenes required me to walk on the railway track. I was already in the getup of an Ascetic. A train was about to approach and so we had to put the shoot on hold for sometime.

Surprisingly no one around us realized that a shooting was taking place. I left the place and started wandering around in the town and intentionally chanted 'Bum Bum Bhole' very loudly to see how the people will react. The people took me for a true "Sanyasi" and started giving me alms which I readily accepted.

After a while, someone from my unit reached the spot and started calling me by my name. This was really scary! Had the people come to know that I was an actor in the disguise of a "Sanyasi", they would have simply killed me for fooling them and accepting money. So I hid in a corner till the crowd dispersed.

It was all fun when I narrated this to my colleagues. We bought fruits with the money I managed to earn and distributed to the whole unit.

I felt really nice to see how much people are dedicated towards religion and holy men. But at the same time it's very saddening when some cunning people exploit the common man in the very name of religion.

We would like to know about the current projects you are a part of?

Currently I am associated with 'Bhaskar Bharti' for Sony and a Pradeep Sinha's Production for Sahara One.

What you do generally along with acting?

I am very fond of Yog. I run a training academy called Lalit Parimoo Academy Of Abhinay Yog. As the name suggests, we impart the basic knowledge of both Acting and Yog. The course duration ranges from 15 days to 3 months. Other than this, I run a group called Samaaj'. We do lots of activities in which new girls and boys participate. Currently we are conducting shows of a play titled "Daayra".

Since Haridwar is a part of Uttarakhand and you have been here for shooting, would you like to say something about the place and the people?

I have been to Uttarakhand only twice but I would like to visit this place again and again. Places that offer scenic beauty especially the hilly areas excite me a lot. As far as the people are concerned, they are very simple and down to earth. The people of Uttarakhand truly replicate its rich ancient heritage. They are religious and have upheld the tradition since long. When it comes to development of the state I feel an attempt has to be made to strike a balance between the conservation of the environment and the advancement of the society in general.

In the end would you like to give a few tips to those who are aspiring to be actors or are already going through the struggling phase in their acting careers.

As I said earlier, it usually happens that people who have an interest simply run away to Mumbai and are not aware of the actual hurdles one has to cross before making a mark in the industry.

It's always better to have a formal training in Acting before stepping into the field. At the same time practice is very important. One thing I would like to reiterate is that don't be scared of struggles and hard time. Be bold and you will succeed!

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