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September 13, 2009 | Post By: Vinay Dobhal | Editor: Pankhurie Mulasi

This Exclusive Interview is based on the telephonic interview which we took of Zaib Khan on Sunday, 13th-Sep-2009. Zaib started his career from Delhi and now he is in Mumbai. His big hit was "Jai Shree Krishna" on Colors and now his next show is "Meera" in which he will be playing a role or Rana Vikramaditya.

Our viewers for long were waiting for some exciting personalities' interview on our website. So here we are. First of all tell our viewers about 'Zaib Khan', what he is in real life.

I am fine thanks. I am very simple and down to earth man, very punctual by attitude. I am a thorough professional person, can't compromise for anything. Either I will not work but when I commit for something then I do it with sincerity and punctuality. I never trouble my Producer, Directors or Co-actors. I never demand for unnecessary things. I believe in acting not stardom. I believe that if you are an actor, you should be known for your acting first.

Tell us something about your childhood and studies and how you came into this line of acting?

I was born in a town of UP called Rampur. I have three elder sisters, all married. Two of them are in Haldwani. I am single, staying with my mother right now in Mumbai for last 4 or 5 years. We lost our loving father few years back.

I did my schooling from Rampur, St. Mary's. That time it was coed school. Now it has been turned into a girl's school. I did class 11th from Haldwani and class 12th from St. Paul's, Nainital. Then I came to Delhi did diploma in computers from Woodlands Computers, Delhi.

There I participated in one contest organized by all the franchise Institute of computers. Among 55 contestants I was honored with Mr. title. Actress Priya Gill was the judge of that contest.

Tell us how that contest changed your life? What happened after that?

After winning that contest I started getting offers from some designers and fashion photographers. I did some catalogues. Those people suggested me to try in acting as my expressions were good in those portfolios. Then I tried and got in touch with Soeb Illyasi who made India's Most Wanted. I acted in his shows as a lead role in 'Ek Nazar Ki Tamanna' and 'Tumhara Intezar Hai'. Then I came to Mumbai. Person who brought me to Mumbai was Mahesh Bhatt. I met him in one of the hotel of Delhi. We sat together for hours for one story but finally he casted Imran Hashmi for that role. I think that was movie Murder. I am not sure but according to the story I guess it was Murder only. I still have good relation with Mahesh. He is a very nice person and I think it was not my fate to work with him.

After few days I got an offer for one show on Sahara TV, 'Sahib Biwi Ghulam'. It was Raveena Tandon's first show on television. She acted as my aunt and Ayub Khan was my uncle in that show. Then I did 'Sarkaar' for Zee TV, worked in 'Mahe Ve' for Sab TV and 'Meri Doli Tere Angana' for Zee again. I also worked in 'Havayein' for Doordarshan. Previously Ravi Kishan was doing it, I was his replacement. My other shows were 'Chu Kar Mere Mun Ko', 'CID', 'Aahat', 'Akela', 'Karam Chand' and 'Raat Hone Ko Hai'. After doing all these shows I got an offer in 'Jai Shree Krishna' for Colors.

So did you get some work after that?

Yeah, after few days I got an offer for one show on Sahara TV, 'Sahib Biwi Ghulam '. It was Raveena Tandon 's first show on television. She acted as my aunt and Ayub Khan was my uncle in that show. Then I did 'Sarkaar ' for Zee TV, worked in 'Mahe Ve ' for Sab TV and 'Meri Doli Tere Angana ' for Zee again. I also worked in 'Havayein ' for Doordarshan. Previously Ravi Kishan was doing it, I was his replacement. My other shows were 'Chu Kar Mere Mun Ko ', 'CID ', 'Aahat ', 'Akela ', 'Karam Chand ' and 'Raat Hone Ko Hai '. After doing all these shows I got an offer in 'Jai Shree Krishna ' for Colors.

Jai Shree Krishna; was your big hit. Tell us something about this show.

Yeah it was a big hit. There were few shows, one of them is 'Jai Shree Krishna' which gave tremendous popularity to Colors channel. We have crossed 300 episodes of Jai Shree Krishna and will end it within 3 or 4 days. We are here in Kolhapur since May last year for this show. So for more than one and half year we are staying in hotels. After 3 or 4 days we will return to Mumbai. We are like a family now. 'Bairi Piya' will soon be replacing 'Jai Shree Krishna' on Colors.

So what was your schedule for last one and half years during 'Jai Shree Krishna' ?

I wake up at 6:30 or 7:00 am. After bath I go to gym, one in Kolhapur. I work out for 1 or 2 hrs. Then I come back to hotel where we all have breakfast. Then at 10 I go for shoots. It all depends on scenes and demand of the story. Sometime we pack early and sometimes you do one scene and then wait for another scene which comes at night. Sometimes you shoot for entire day or sometimes entire night. It all depends. In between we take lunch break of 1 hr.

So do you rehearse for scenes before going to shooting location?

Not exactly because we come to know about the scenes in set only. Our schedulers give us call time and in call they tell us about the timings of our scene but If you want you can ask them about your scene.

You acted with such a small kid in Jai Shree Krishna. Did you face some difficulty working with such a young artist?

No, not at all. Actually who acted as Shree Krishna is a girl. Her name is Dhriti Bhatia. She is some miracle of God, some magic you can say. No one ever faced problem working with her. Big directors who have done around 50 movies, she cooperated with all. She has a strong bonding with me.

Parents are always with them while shooting but not allowed to go on sets. We all actors, director, the entire team make them to act but they are really some special kids as I said some magic. They hardly work for 5 hrs and that too in breaks.

What's your next show after 'Jai Shree Krishna' ?

Right now I am doing 'Meera' for NDTV Imagine. Soon audience will see young Meera on their screen. The girl who acted as Yashoda in Jai Shree Krishna, Aditi Sajwan from Dehradun, will act as Meera and I will be playing a role of Rana Vikramaditya, a negative role in this show. This role is just the opposite of Nand Baba of Jai Shree Krishna. The story is all about the widow Meera and Rana Vikramaditya. We will be shooting in Baroda.

How you are finding this negative role after doing such a positive role as Nand Baba?

This is not the first time I am doing negative role. I have done this kind of negative role in 'Meri Doli Tere Angana' also. It was a hard core negative role. In fact when people saw me as Nand Baba few said that you have done a bad casting, how this fellow will manage such positive role but when I did it, people said that role of Nand Baba will always be remembered in this way. People really liked it and I got lots of messages, lots of appreciation for my work.

It's very true because you look so perfect in that costume and role.

Yeah but if you will see me personally then you will not recognize me. Actually I worked a lot for Nand Baba role which was so pure. Being a Muslim it was not so easy for me to do this act. I changed my walk, my style of speaking, my style of seeing, everything to get into that role. It was so challenging for me to do such a positive role after core negatives. I am thankful to God that I got good directors and co-actors who were so supportive. We have made a record in Mythologist Shows giving TRP of 7

At the end would you like to say something to your fans especially to the people of Uttarakhand.

I am thankful to my fans and will expect the same kind of their support for my next show 'Meera'. I am always attached to Uttarakhand as I have done schooling from there, my sisters are still in Haldwani and main reason, my father's grave is there so for my entire life I will be going to that place and it will always remain close to my heart.

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