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June 30, 2011 | Post By: Vinay Dobhal | Editor: Pankhurie Mulasi

About you

I feel lucky to be born in Uttarakhand as I am a nature lover. Indeed, by being a model from this state, I feel I am in a more influential position, to be able to inspire people to join me in protecting our dwindling wildlife from our own activities.

I enjoy dancing, and I take a keen interest in acting and collage making. My creative flair, I believe, is one of my main strengths, apart from the fact that I am very focused and sure of my priorities in life.

I am a strong believer of the ideology, 'commit with conviction, compassion and consistency', which finds its impact in any task I undertake and commit to. Moreover I believe in looking towards the positive side of any situation and love to be surrounded by smiling faces.

Well, I aspired to become a model since I was 13 years of age. I think small things like getting the title of 'diva of the class' and so on, made my vision clearer and stronger. So, after completing my schooling from Riverdale High School I decided to try for Miss Uttarakhand pageant in the year 2010, where I won the title of Miss Beautiful Smile and then the actual journey began.

Now I am currently working in a movie under Dharma Productions directed by Karan Johar, has been a judge for a contest, done ads etc. so I hope I have a long and prosperous journey ahead.

Plans to work in serials/movies

I think much of the things are decided with time and situations but surely, I think I am made for acting. After completing my Bachelors in Engineering, I have decided to fly to Mumbai where I can get a platform to showcase my talent and to fulfill my dreams. I think I will be glad to start my acting career with silver screen, but after that surely be a part of movies.

As I mentioned earlier, right now I am working in a movie with Karan Johar. I have also tried for daily soaps for which I got shortlisted for around 4-5 banners. An album will be shot in the coming year. I hope I have a long way to go.

Being a part of Miss Uttarakhand 2010 Contest

I think people close to you always remain same no matter how well you are doing in your life. Yes off course they feel proud of my achievements but at the same time they are also modest and keep me grounded.

Diet habits

I have always preferred mum-cooked food. I take care, I drink lots of water and something that I never forget before going to bed at the end of my day is a glass a hot water which keeps me healthy and beautiful.

Words for aspiring models

Talking about Uttarakhand I think Miss & Mr. Uttarakhand provides a prestigious platform that gives a really good exposure to you. But before showcasing your talent one thing that is very important is that one has to be very conscious of one's body language and attitude because even before entering this industry, you need to have something in yourself for which people are attracted towards you and you are able to leave a good impression on them.

Your destiny

In very near future I can say, after completing my graduation, I see myself working as an actor and then as a part of various reality shows. I will surely try to be an important part of big screen. So I can say that I see myself as a successful and happy person enjoying my life with family and friends. I believe in the fact that whatever you want from the bottom of your heart, in the end you will achieve that. So let's hope for the best.

Modeling opportunity in Uttarakhand

Truly speaking, I don't think our state is promoting and helping towards this industry as much as it should. The government, the media and the people themselves have to broaden their mindsets and move forward so that talent here is not wasted. Half of the people don't enter into modeling just because either their family doesn't support them or they are scared of people's reaction on their being a model.

So I think youngsters have to be bold enough to accomplish their dreams and even others should encourage them. Secondly, the government should also behave in a more responsible manner.

Role of Modeling Institutes in Uttarakhand

I don't think our state is so very helpful in grooming people for Fashion industry whereas it's a fact that Uttarakhand has so much of beauty, which doesn't get a platform. If somebody really wants to do something it becomes a necessity to travel to Delhi or Mumbai. The state government should draw their attention towards this and the electronic media may even be helpful.

Person who helped you a lot

Thank you for this opportunity. I have always wanted to thank few people in my life who have contributed a lot in my success. After thanking God, it's my parents who have always been so supportive in whatever I decided to do in my life. They were always there to guide me but at the same time they took care of giving me the liberty to decide my actions.

My siblings Jigyasa, Mansi, Rajat Jiju and my brother Shubh were always there to rejoice for my achievements and prepare me for future. My friend Devika who helped me throughout.

Few words for our readers

By visiting this site, people are already known of the culture and traditions of the state. The most important thing to be known about this state is its simplicity and the hospitality offered by the State. Rich in landscapes, our state is also rich in industries.

Its capital being the education city of India, I think Uttarakhand contributes a lot in Indian development.One thing I would like to draw attention to is the wildlife that has to be taken care of. People should be conscious of their actions towards them.

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