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December 27, 2010 | Post By: Vinay Dobhal | Editor: Pankhurie Mulasi

About you

I am currently a graduate student of Bachelors in Journalism of Mass Communication (BJMC). I did my schooling from Convent of Jesus and Mary, Dehradun. I am the only child of my parents. My father Mr. Narender Singh Rattan is a businessman and my mother Mrs. Durga Rattan is a homemaker. We are Sikh by religion but my mother was actually a Nepali.

I like following fashion trends and that's why I am so passionate about ramps. Sports and reading books are my all time favorites. I love dance, meeting new people and making loads of friends. My dream is to excel in whatever I do. I do not believe in destiny but believe that I will get what I want from life. I am a fighter and I love facing challenges in life.

My life has been an easy flow till now. I was born and brought up in a very protective environment so didn't get a chance to struggle much. Miss Uttarakhand contest came like a challenge to me and to test my abilities. I really worked hard for the title and I am glad that my hard work paid off for me. As far as my career is concerned I still have a long way to go.

Plans to work in serials/movies?

I think this is just the beginning and I have to do a lot. Few shows are in hand but currently I am concentrating on my studies and on grooming myself more.

Being a winner of Miss Uttarakhand 2010 title

The people close to me are really very happy. They still care for me just like they used to do earlier and I know that their feelings won't change with my success or failure.

Diet habits

Well, I really have a restricted diet since when I was young. I take a balanced diet with the minimum amount of oil. I prefer home cooked food along with lots of water.

Words for aspiring models

I think if someone is really passionate about something and follow it seriously then nothing is impossible for him. To follow your dreams one has to actually dream and then chase that dream until they turn into reality. You really have to have that passion and determination to live your dream.

Your destiny

I actually see myself as a successful and content human in coming future. It's not about the destiny but it's about the journey for me. And my journey has been a really happy one till now. It's not about what I choose in life but it's all about what actually makes me happy. I don't want to be a millionaire; I just want to be the best in whatever I do so that when I look back at my life I have a smile on my face and no regrets.

You never know how life might treat you so I don't plan. I make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. I live life for myself and for those who actually care for me.

Modeling opportunity in Uttarakhand

Well, I don't really think that the government is of much help for budding talents till now. I personally haven't seen any benefits in being Miss Uttarakhand. I think that the State Government should promote the talent of the state.

Our state is full of talents to offer the industry. A nice platform to showcase these talents is the need of our state today.

Role of Modeling Institutes in Uttarakhand

I don't know much about modeling institutes but Uttarakhand has given girls like Udita Goswami, Lavanya Tripathi, Swati Semwal etc. to the industry. I think in this context Uttarakhand is still backward. Modeling is not that much socially accepted and therefore for a sound career people move out of the state to metros like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi etc.

Person who helped you a lot

I think my organizers helped me a lot to letting me be who I am today. I love my parents for supporting me in whatever I did and I plan to do. Most of all I would like to thank God for always showering on me his priceless blessings. I also would like to thank my beloved friends who helped me in every phase of my life and were there by my side in all ups and downs. Friends who made my journey of life worth living.

Few words for our readers

Do you want to know lot about Uttarakhand State? If you are reading this, you are at the right place. This website contains all you are searching for.


When I was not Miss Uttarakhand and was just a normal girl I read the interviews of previous Miss Uttarakhands. Since then I always dreamt how the life would be if I would be like them? The thought and dream came true and now I am here as a part of this website.

I think this is the best place for every minute detail about our lovely state. I am proud to be a part of this website.

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