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June 30, 2009 | Post By: Vinay Dobhal | Editor: Pankhurie Mulasi

About you

I am a Model & fashion Choreographer, a graduate from science stream. I am a hardcore adventure freak, love sports, a black belt in Martial Art (Japanese Karate - Shotokan Art), double silver medalist and a bronze medalist in NCC and like to chill out with friends in the leisure time. I dream for my success in Glamour and Entertainment field. In this industry I am knows as 'Walk Specialist'.
I started my career in Modeling in 2003 from New Delhi with Teji films and Infocus Studios. They gave me confidence and boosted my morals. Then I moved to Dehradun where I won sub titles in fashion contests like Sahib & Sahiba of Uttarakhand 2004 (Org. by - Pehchaan the real art promoters & VLCC) and Mr. & Miss Uttarakhand 2004 (Org. by - MRMI).

I have done lots of fashion shows in and around Uttarakhand as a Model & a fashion Choreographer. I have established an Event Management and Modeling firm where apart from organizing events I groom new comers to get started with their career as professionals in the Fashion Industry in and out Uttarakhand. I have done lots of Fashion shows with NIFD, MRMI, Shaan's, Glamour Ages, D.C.M.S., Whistling Teel, Music Junction, Angel Model Management & many more. In and around Uttarakhand and Delhi. Long time back I worked in a TV serial, 'School School' and also worked in a hindi movie 'KHEL KHEL MEIN' in 2004.

I won the title of Mr. Healthy Hair of Uttarakhand 2004 in contest Sahib & Sahiba of Uttarakhand 2004. I also wont the title of Mr. Talent 2004 of Uttarakhand in contest Mr. & Miss Uttarakhand 2004. I have trained some of my students in modeling who are now working as professionals in and out side Uttarakhand. They are doing fashion shows and even participating in the reputed contests in Uttarakhand, from Ms. Catwalk, Ms. Beautiful Hair, Ms. Rajdhani, Ms. Uttarakhand runner up, Ms. Beautiful Smile, Maharani & Maharaja (Elite Loin's Club), Mr. Uttarakhand and runner up, Mr. Rajdhani, Mr. & Ms. Angel etc. all name been my students from the beginning of their careers.

Modeling opportunity in Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand first of all there is a major lack of awareness and opportunities in the town. Guys and girls interested in modeling lack knowledge due to lack of good mentors. They are confused between the genuine and fake management. They trust con-masters from other cities but they misguide them in the name of fashion and glamour.

Diet habits/workout

As far as my health is concerned I follow Cardio and fitness regimes. I do heavy weight lifts to increase muscle size along with light weights for cuts. I mainly concentrate on Abdominal exercises.

Words for aspiring models

My suggestion, please don't get involved with con masters and cheap organizers. Always check the credentials of the organizers and the assignments promised to you. Talk to your fiends, talk to the people who are already in this business.

Few words for our readers

I think this is one of the foremost website available keeping in mind different categories of readers and viewers. People can gain any knowledge about Uttarakhand. Youngsters can browse through the fashion section.


Fresher can explore wide platform of opportunities in different fields through this website and can become aware about desired field. Job well done, keep it up.

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