Charanpreet Singh

December 23, 2010 | Post By: Vinay Dobhal | Editor: Pankhurie Mulasi

About you

I am Charanpreet, I am from Dehradun. I am pursuing MBA from Symbiosis. My father is an engineer in Central Water Commission and my mother is working with Tehri Dam Project, I have one younger brother who is doing B. Tech.

I started out with my career in the year 2003. One day one event manager approached me to walk on ramp for his Fashion Show. It was a great experience and a good start. After doing some ramp shows I get into Theatres. Acting is my dream and passion. And since my childhood I was very keen to be on this line.

I was working with Vodafone as a RM for 3 years but could not enjoy even a single day of that corporate life. I was missing creativity and art and I was not satisfied with what I was doing. So one day I made a big decision of my life. I left my job and came to Mumbai to start a new life.

How you feel

Modelling and Theatres rejuvenated me. Now I am satisfied with what I am doing. Now I know what my goal is. With this people's point of view about me has also changed. It always gives me a nice feeling but this is just the beginning. I am working hard and improving day by to reach my destiny.


I won the Mr. Personality title in the year 2003. After that I did lots of shows with renowned choreographers like Ketan Bhatia, Againdra Gautam & Prateek Lamba. I have walked on ramp with Barkha Kaul (Femina) & Himani Thapa (Femina) as well as first face.

After that I got chance to work with Mr. Mamoothy and Jaisurya in a Malyalam film, Track With Rehman directed by Mr. Jairaj who is 3 times national award winner. I have done ads for 'Life Style' Magzine, Bajaj Corp. Video and Glamour. One ad which I did with Salman Khan will be on air soon. Impressed with my performance Mr. Pankaj Kapoor gave me chance to work in his film 'Mausam' with Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor.

Being a winner

My family and friends all are happy. They appreciate me a lot and my work. They are my sole inspiration and are proud of me.

Your destiny

I am looking forward to work in films rather than in serials. As I told I have already done quite a few projects. As I am on the learning stage I am currently concentrating more on Theatres. This is because I believe that this is the place where you learn more. One must understand it first and that is very important. I have couple of offers for TV serials but I am looking for film offers.

Recently I did Ra.One with Shahrukh and Kareena. It was nice working with big celebrities like them.

Diet habits

I am not too much choosy. I eat everything. The only thing I do take care of is on my carbohydrate intake at night. I make sure that I go easy on the carbohydrates at dinner and take good amount of protein and of course a lot of water. I do a lot of cardio and light weights, 6 times a week. It's all about keeping things balanced.

Modeling opportunity in Uttarakhand

The State is full of talents. The only thing which lacks here is the opportunity. Shows are happening but due to lack of sufficient budget the quality drops down. Good quality contests must exist to hunt good talents and to take them to next stage.

Words for aspiring models

What I will suggest them is do not give up your education midway to get into modelling or acting. There is no point of starting early and ending early. You need to understand it first. Life here is not as easy as it appears from outside. Give a thought, start with confidence and be prepared for the letdowns as well.

Few words for our readers

It's a best web portal I would say. It gives you a platform to know many known and unknown facts about the Uttrakhand Satate. You know about people as well.


Great initiative taken by people behind this website. I think all the information is here what people are looking about Uttrakhand State. Keep Rocking. All The Best!

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