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March 19, 2011 | Post By: Vinay Dobhal | Editor: Pankhurie Mulasi

About you

I am Chetna, a Rajput girl from Garhwal. I did my schooling from Raja Ram Mohan Roy Academy and currently I am doing Masters in Business Administration. I am an Independent girl who loves meeting people and exploring new places. My family consists of my mother and me. My Mother is a social worker and currently she is working in Disaster Management Project. She is my inspiration. I get my strength from my mother who helps me towards positive thinking. My Aim is to fulfill my mother's dreams and to open an old age home.

Been and brought up by single parent, more than me my mother has struggled a lot and still she is struggling. Still she continues to manage everything. For her I am all rounder girl and the best daughter. Miss Uttarakhand contest has given me a platform for modeling and gave me a chance to explore new shades in my personality. As far as career is concerned it is on a learning process.


I think, personally I have achieved a great deal by learning to be an independent and self sufficient at a very young age. I manage my entire work single handed as I have no alternative! Apart from that won medals in athletics in school, won Miss Talented and Miss Body Beautiful in Miss Uttarakhand 2010 contest.

I have been a part of Miss Uttarakhand 2010 contest. Few videos, documentaries and shows are in hand.

Support from family

My mother has always been supportive and stood beside me all the time. Her love for me will never change with my success or failure, in fact her love increases every day. She is not only a best Mother but also a wonderful friend. Friends who are close to me are happy with my success.

Diet habits

No particular diet habit as such. I prefer home cooked food with salad & lots of water.

Your destiny

I see myself as a successful and good citizen with honorable peaceful life with a secure career.

Modeling opportunity in Uttarakhand

No doubt! our state is full of talents but there is lack of opportunities. If you really want to achieve name in glamour industry you have to move to Delhi or Mumbai.

Aid from Government

Till now Government is really not helping to promote talent of Uttarakhand. Believe it or not, even today there is no dearth of people who consider modeling as something derogatory. People have to move out to metro cities.

Role of Modeling Institutes in Uttarakhand

As far as I know there are no such institutes in Uttarakhand but Uttarakhand has given many beautiful faces to the industry.

Whom you will thank for all this

As far as Modeling is concerned, I would like to thank organizer of Miss Uttarakhand who has given me this platform. I love my mother for supporting me in whatever I do. I feel lucky to have a mother like her. Without her support, I won't have been such an independent and bold person. She is my role model.

Thanks to God for his kind & sweet blessings. Most of all thanks to my 'Naani', who is physically not with me but I feel her presence every second.

Few words for our readers

Always Believe - 'Future belongs to those, who believe in the beauty of their Dreams..'


This website provides lots of information about Uttarakhand State & covers all aspects of Uttarakhand. Young and new talents are getting promoted and the website is giving them a global exposure. I feel lucky to be a part of this Website.

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