Meena Raturi

July 07, 2009 | Post By: Vinay Dobhal | Editor: Pankhurie Mulasi

About you

I am Meena Raturi, currently doing my final year of Graduation. I am also undergoing the Air Hostess training. I won the title of 'MISS BEAUTIFUL SMILE' of Uttarakhand for the year 2009.

My father, Mr. R .S.Raturi., is a Business Manager. I have a sister who is a doctor by profession and also a younger brother who is studying right now.

My modelling career started with participation in the Miss Uttarakhand pageant.

Plans to work in serials/movies?

Yeah, I have got some offers. One was of a Garhwali film and other one was of Hindi album. Few days back I got offer from a producer well established in Mumbai.

Change in life

I feel lots of change in my life after I chose modelling as a profession. It not only brings confidence but also excitement and a desire to do something special and unique.


Nothing special as I have recently started but I have won the title of Miss Beautiful Smile of Uttarakhand for the year 2009. My family always praise and have high regard for me. My friends are true friends and they appreciate me a lot. They like my work.

Diet habits

I always take healthy vegetarian food, including milk and curd in meal. I also take lots of fruits and juices.

Words for aspiring models

The best way is to consult your acquaintances that are into the profession. The advertisement and other media agencies can also be tried.

Modelling opportunity and lacks in Uttarakhand

As far I have noticed and seen I think what is lacking in many of the models is confidence. If they have confidence in them then there is no opportunity to grow.

Few words for our readers

Hi to everyone. Thanks for reading about me. My best wishes are always with you. Where ever you go just remember one thing that God is watching you. Do good and God will do more good for you.


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