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August 11, 2009 | Post By: Vinay Dobhal | Editor: Swati Singh

About you

I am Pankhurie. 20 years of age. I have just got over with my graduation so that makes me a science graduate now. I am an ambitious girl and I know what I want from life. Being a scorpion makes me mysterious, mischievous and magnetic.

I think it's a misconception that Garwalis are not open to new avenues. See the thing is, to whatever family you belong it's very important that you realize your dream. Not only dream but also wake up and achieve them because this glamour world is a bit dicey. My parents were also not too supportive in the beginning but once I won the Miss Uttarakhand crown everybody came to know that I have it in me. I achieved everything on my own through my hard work. So just because I proved myself on that stage, today I have support of my family. You don't decide your dream on the basis of your community after all.

Journey of your modelling career / Hindrances

Hindrances I believe just make you stronger. The only hindrance was in the beginning when I told my folks about my decision. Since then it has been smooth till now but I have toiled really hard to be where I am today. You don't become successful so easily.

Plans to work in serials/movies?

I think I would start as a model and then join the film industry.

Being a winner of Miss Uttarakhand 2008 title

Family remains family. No change in that even if you become king of the world. Your love towards your family does not change. My family has seen me growing up all these years. They are just happy with my success. Friends who are close and are true are still dear to me. When you are someone, you are always surrounded by friends but peoples attitude have changed. They take me more seriously now.

What you want to do for society

Well once I am established I will recruit talents from Dehradun and provide them the right kind of platform so that they don't waste there time with fake model managements and advertising agencies. They just extract money, provide no work and just shows glitzy dreams.

Diet habits

I have been blessed genetically with a fabulous body, I suppose so. I don't need to hit the gym. There is no particular diet habit that I follow. I drink lots of water and I don't eat mangoes.

Modelling opportunity in Uttarakhand

To be honest and practical the real business is in Delhi and in Mumbai. Dehradun is a small town where this business is not so booming so there is no lack of talent but lack of right opportunities. Work is difficult to get here. You have to move out if really want to achieve a name in glamour industry.

Few words for our readers

I thank you guys for going through this page of mine. Always try to reach your goal. We should at least give it a try before giving. We get this life only once so we should live it the way we want. I will always need your good wishes so keep sending your wishes to me.


This site is very informative and is very presentable. I am sure a lot of hard work went into this. I am sure this site would present Uttarakhand in a different light all together as it covers all the aspects of Uttarakhand. All my best wishes to this website.

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