Soniya Chauhan

October 17, 2009 | Post By: Vinay Dobhal | Editor: Pankhurie Mulasi

About you

I am Soniya Chauhan, 21 years of age. I have just got over with my graduation so makes me a music graduate now. I am a Katthak student and a dance teacher.

As far as my family is concerned they always supported me but yes there was a little objection in the beginning. I admit that there are lots of families who don't support it but fortunately it was not in my case. I think talent counts at the end and so I am here. I get inspired from my dreams and now I am working hard to make every dream of mine come true.

Plans to work in serials/movies?

If the work will be suitable for me then definitely I will join the film industry.

Being a winner of Miss Uttarakhand 2010 title

When I took part in Miss U.K (Uttarakhand), I did it with my parents permission they always encourage me to fulfill my dream. Now many people know me and friends who were close are still dear to me.

Diet habits

What I believe is you must have lots of lots of water in a day. You should eat green vegetables and fruits. Fresh juice, I like it.

Modelling opportunity in Uttarakhand

If we talk about Uttarakhand there is no doubt that talent is missing here in fact there are lots of talents from various fields. The only thing missing is the proper platform and guidance. Many models even don't get this much of facility to avail.

Few words for our readers

My big ' Hi ' to every viewer and good wishes to every body. May God bless each one of you. Have a faith on God and keep your hard work. One day you will find your dreams coming true.


This site is very informative and is very presentable. I am sure a lot of hard Work went into this. I am sure this site would present Uttarakhand in a different light all together as it covers all the aspects of Uttarakhand. All my best wishes to this website.

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